Monday, July 2, 2012

Floor Tile Hallucinations…

AKA "Shit I saw in the patterns of my bathroom floor tiles while I was sick with the flu…"

Well shit, it’s been forever. I’m sorry for neglecting this for so long! I’ll be doing my best to fight my innate hatred of the internets and post something at least once a week from now on. Most of it will be just my self imposed homework projects and warm-ups but you can never do enough of those.

Starting with my Super Happy Flu Time pics! I was hugging that toilet for a while so I have a few to do…


  1. I LOVE THIS SARAH!!!!! Iron Man/Tony Stark is my #1 favorite! This is just amazing! Could you possibly send me a large file size so that I can put it as my wallpaper please?

  2. Done and done. Glad you liked it some much!

  3. Awesome stuff here, Thanks to Anthony Jones for posting a link to your blog! I'll be checking regularly now...

    You sure can draw!

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