Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Mermaid

Time for a brief adventure in reworking a shit design.

So I drew this back in January. 

Hated it before I even finished. Everything about it. Just boring, clunky, generic, garbage. Its obvious at some point I was just adding more crap to try and make it interesting. 

In March I had a bit of free time and re-designed it. 

 I feel much better now...


  1. "Tiny-shell starfish little-squid, grumpy-guppy"
    I often think that myself.

    Monstery mermaids are the best.

    Top left on the first revision sheet reminds me of the body-lines in 'Secret of Kells.'

    Very pretty : )

  2. I like both concepts. It doesn't look like crap at all to me, the second one is just a bit darker in mood maybe more aligned with your state of spirit? Anyhow it's normal to have a few tries before nailing a concept you like :) Cheers

  3. OMG Best work I saw since I discovered Sean Galloway! Luv It!

  4. So fucking good! I like both versions but I can see what you're saying about the first one. Still though, both are pretty damn good.